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A momentous day....on Cloud Nine.

Helen Harrison

Centenary Prom September 2021 Blackpool Grand Theatre

"Until I stood on the podium I hadn't really allowed myself to believe this concert would happen after so many cancellations and disappointments in the last 18 months. But it did and it feels blissful. So many reasons this concert was SO special; My first orchestral concert since March 15th 2020 with a full, real live audience who were so warm and gave us a standing ovation in the beautiful Matcham Grand Theatre Blackpool. Blackpool Symphony Orchestra who all played beautifully throughout...and the fabulous Committee who worked tirelessly to make this concert happen. To perform the Letter Scene and the Prelude and Liebestod with Jane Irwin was sublime - no words for such an immense experience. Humbled to be presented with a special gift to mark my 10 year anniversary as Music Director of Blackpool Symphony Orchestra. As we hope life will stay 'normal' now is a good time to thank those who created fantastic and transformative conducting opportunities in the darkest and deepest lockdowns inspiring me and developing my conducting and artistry that really got me through. Thankyou. As I said tonight - for musicians, making music is not what we do but who we are. We were delighted to be able to play our award winning virtual concert arrangement by Edward Rugman at our Centenary Prom. It is still possible to make donations to Blackpool Food Bank. Thank you so much for your support."


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