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BSO in Lockdown 

We are delighted that our BSO Rainbow Lock Down Virtual Performance has been enjoyed by so many people and thrilled that it has been recognised by Making Music, the Royal Philharmonic Society and the Classical Music Digital Awards.

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Zoom Virtual Coffee Breaks


While we were not able to meet in person we held virtual coffee breaks via Zoom on Thursdays at 8.30pm. These included Desert Island Discs with invited guests from the orchestra, quizzes, an introduction to British Sign Language and our special projects.

Over the Rainbow

The Making of Over the Rainbow

Life on Pause

We also held online and outdoor Come and Plays where we were delighted to welcome musicians from across the country and beyond to join us.

#BSO Rainbow


As we couldn't meet to rehearse because of the Coronavirus we performed a virtual performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and, mindful of the challenges the lockdown poses for many people, wanted to use the opportunity to raise money for our community.

The music and all the videos were recorded using mobile phones and technically produced by Ten Forward Music Productions.

We are delighted to have raised £3,116 for Blackpool Food Bank.

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Composer in Residence


Over the Rainbow was especially arranged for us by local composer, Edward Rugman, our Composer in Residence.

Life on Pause

During the first national lockdown of 2020 we here at BSO quickly realised that we were living through historic times. Annoyance over cancelled concerts quickly turned to a deeper appreciation of the problems being faced by the whole world. Many in the Arts lost their livelihood overnight while other people couldn’t see family or friends or maintain regular social contacts. Hard on the heals of our successful and award winning #BSORainbow project we wanted to do something that would reflect these unprecedented times and how people were coping with the enforced changes to their lives. Life on Pause is a video collection of thoughts, words, images and music from orchestra members plus our friends and supporters. We hope that it proves to be a lasting record of these difficult times, how they have affected us, and of a hope for a brighter future ahead. Once again we are indebted to our friends at Ten Forward Media

for their technical wizardry in pulling everything together and our thanks go out to everyone who volunteered to take part and share their experiences.

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Sharing #BSO Rainbow

The video went live on YouTube and Facebook on 30 April 2020 and has since been shared and enjoyed by many people.  Find out more

The Making of #BSO Rainbow


We were so pleased to be able to share our video The Making of ... Over the Rainbow produced by Ten Forward Music Productions

Featuring interviews with our orchestra members, arranger and conductor about how it felt to take part.

Life on Pause
Premiered February 2, 2021
Online Music Events for Orchestra and Strings
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Moments of Magic

We had missed playing together and as soon as restrictions allowed and it was safe for us to do so we arranged an outdoor Come and Play for our members. We had a glorious day playing together. Sadly the second date had to be cancelled due to another rise in infection but the experience of playing together kept us going until we were able to meet together again.

In anticipation of the world opening up again we started rehearsing for our Centenary Concert at the Winter Gardens, Bringing the Music Back which was due to take place in July 2021. We had an initial play through online and then met in a sports hall which was able to accommodate a socially distanced orchestra. We need a lot of space. Sadly, this concert also had to be postponed but once again members appreciated having the opportunity to play together.

In September 2021 we were finally able to rehearse and put on our first concert, our Centenary Prom featuring Jane Irwin at Blackpool Grand Theatre. It was our first live performance since November 2019. The Prom Concert included a live performance of our #BSO Rainbow. So good to play it together rather than to a click track!

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