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Don Giovanni in an hour

Musica Lirica Opera and Blackpool Symphony Orchestra

March 2014 flyer Donh Giovanni in an hou
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23 March 2014

The orchestra collaborated with Musica Lirica Opera, Blackpool to present a groundbreaking semi-staged production of 'Don Giovanni', Mozart's famous opera in an hour at the Citadel in Blackpool.

Paul Maynard MP

"... last Sunday saw me attending my first 'opera' with 'Don Giovanni in an hour' as a collaboration between the Blackpool Symphony Orchestra and Musica Lirica. I confess that I find opera a little 'heavy' and 'daunting', but a touch of Mozart's lighter touch clearly helps as I throroughly enjoyed what was a very enjoyable effort. A packed auditorium at the Salvation Army on Raikes Parade underlined the enthusiasm, and demonstrates once again that we have much, much talent and cultural activity on the Fylde that we may not always know about."

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